Impedance spectroscopy analysis of Mg4Nb2O9 with excess of MgO and different additions of V2O5 for microwave and radio frequency applications.

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Juscelino Chaves Sales da silva filho, j.m.(universidade federal do ceará); junior, c.a.(universidade federal); sombra, a.s.(universidade federal); Sales, J.C.(Universidade Estadual do Vale do Acaraú); Morais, J.E.(Universidade Federal do Ceará); Mg4Nb2O9-MgO powders which involve more than one product phase, have been prepared by using the solid-state reaction method and identified by X-Ray diffraction (XRD) at room temperature as well as the appropriate calcination conditions for production of Mg4Nb2O9 with different molar ratio of Mg/Nb (R=1:4). The electrical and dielectric properties of Mg4Nb2O9-MgO were also studied by complex impedance spectroscopy. The effects of different additions of V2O5 (0, 2, 5, and 10 wt. %) on Mg4Nb2O9-MgO have also been performed for improving dielectric and electrical properties for further microwave and radio frequency applications. Impedance analyzer was used for collecting electrical impedance data (complex impedance Z*, and complex modulus M*) to be studied over a wide range of frequency (1Hz to 1MHz) for different temperatures (305 – 430oC).
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