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Information about Beto Gonçalves

Temperature, Access to Beto Gonçalves, Sightseeing e Gastronomy.


Temperature (°C)

Average Maximum Minimum
May 14,5 20,0 10,4


- By land

DISTANCES FROM STATE CAPITALS (passing through Porto Alegre)



Source: State roadways system

-By air

The closest airport is in Caxias do Sul, about 45 km from Bento Gonçalves and the airline companies that operate from this airport are Azul and Gol. Another option is the airport in Porto Alegre. This airport is 124 km away and the airlines that operate from this airport are Avianca, Azul, Gol and TAM. There are tourist agencies that provide ground transportation.


Information about air tickets and ground transportation

Air tickets
Ground transportation
      To request, click here

E-mail: E-mail:
Tel.: 55 (11) 3122-9999  Tel.: 55 (54) 3454-6637 (Débora)
  Cel.: 55 (54) 9161-9176 (Daiam)
    Cel.: 55 (54) 8126-0244 (Everton)



  Sightseeing in Valley of Vineyards (Duration 3:30h)

Everything happens in the vineyards itself. In the rural areas they open their doors to the layman or experts on wines. Through conversation the visitor discovers that bouquet is not plural for flower, but the olfactory sensation that a complex wine leaves in the air…
R$ 80.00 per person. *Minimum of 2 persons are required for a tour.
  Sighseeing in Pathway of stones (Duration 3:30h)

History of the people is narrated through the architecture, landscape and customs of the region. This being a heritage property of Rio Grande do Sul, the tour brings forth the past from the point of enriching and preserving the customs of the Italian immigrants who settled in this region….
R$ 80.00 per person. *Minimum of 2 persons are required for a tour.

Outing in the steam engine driven train ‘Maria Fumaça’ (Duration 3:30h)

The animated two hour trip goes to the city Carlos Barbosa with a stop in Garibaldi. There are many interesting places to see and experience along the 23 km route. Folkloric groups go through the wagons of the train dancing to typical local songs. The trips are only on Wednesdays and on Saturdays and during some months, there are extra trips. * Reservations are necessary…
R$ 74.00 per person.
*(The amount could vary up until the date of the event)

  *Sighseeing in Gramado and Canela (Duration 10h)
It is impossible to arrive in Gramado and not be impressed. The city’s architecture is characteristically South German, with everyone wondering if this really is in Brazil… At every step in this piece of Europe, it is possible to feel nature, visualize originality of the people and be impressed….
R$ 100.00/person with 10 people minimum
R$ 90.00/person for 20-29 people
R$ 80.00/person for 30-39 people
R$ 70.00/person for more than 40 people.

*Conditions for this sightseeing tour:
1 - Does not include entrance fees, taxes and meals
2 – A child less than 6 years and accompanied by two adults does not pay, except on the train ride.


Information about sightseeing tours

Tel.: 55 (54) 3455.3000 (Ramal 680)
Plantão: 55 (54) 9161-9176  /  9128-4598




As a consequence of Italian migration, foods in the Bento Gonçalves region have Italian influence. There are many good restaurants that serve typical foods where for a fixed price, dishes such as capeleti soup, fried chicken, roasted sausages, roasted cheese, radish with bacon, potato with mayonnaise and doughs, especially ravioli with dry fungi are served. Among these the restaurants are:

Nona Ludia
Caminhos de Pedra

Mamma Gema Trattoria
Estrada RS 444 - km 18,9 - Vale dos Vinhedos

Canta Maria
RST-470, KM 217,05 ( Ao lado da Pipa-Pórtico)

Restaurante Maria Valduga e Luiz Valduga
Localizados na vinícola Valduga

Restaurante Casa Di Paolo
RSC 470 Km221,6

Restaurante Valle Rustico
15 da Graciema,  Vale dos Vinhedos

Close to the place of the event and on the same street (Rua Henry Hugo Dreher, 197) there are a number of restaurants and include:

Pirandello Pizzeria e Ristorante
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 370

Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 204

Botequim São Bento
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 273

Dolce Gusto Café & Confeitaria
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 463

Lancheria Papa Burgue

Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 204

Estação Bangalô
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 92

Restaurante Cantina Cabernet
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 197 - Dall’Onder Grande Hotel

Restaurante Don Perignon
Rua  Herny Hugo Dreher, 197 - Dall’Onder Grande Hotel

Restaurante e Pizzaria Sapore di Fiorenza
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 260

Rocco Pizza
Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 289


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