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Agenor De Noni Junior has Chemical Engineering degree from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2003 ), master and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2005 and 2007 ) . Currently he is professor and vice coordinator of the undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering at UNESC. Professor in the post-graduate program in materials science and engineering ( PPGCEM / UNESC ) . Has experience in the area of ​​Materials and Metallurgical Engineering , with emphasis in Ceramics , acting on the following subjects: mechanical properties , recovery of industrial waste for the chemical industry and construction, sustainable industrial processes, process efficiency, statistical design of experiments, mixture design , rheology of ceramic suspensions. He is a member of the Coal Network , the research groups of UNESC: Valora - Development Materials from waste , reactors and Industrial Processes and Research Group Technical Ceramics

Opportunities to increase in energy use in ceramic tiles production

Agenor De Noni Junior


The lecture is based on the presentation of case studies . Diagnostics of thermal energy consumption in ceramic tile companies were performed. All companies were located on ceramic tile cluster from Criciúma – SC. Mass and energy balances were used as a tool. The balances were performed in all process equipment: rotary dryer, spray-dryer, horizontal dryer, vertical dryer and roller kilm. In each case we identified opportunities for improving energy efficiency and the use of fuels (natural gas and coal ) . The opportunities vary from case to case . Observed factors as being the most relevant were : physical arrangement of equipment , number of devices , existence of harnessing hot gases and occupancy of equipment circuits . In general represents a potential opportunity observed to decrease from 8 to 16 % of the specific consumption of thermal energy.

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