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Publicizing Products and Services

Companies and other service providers have the opportunity to promote their products and services through:

  • Technical communications;
  • Insertion of company Logo in the Congress website;
  • Distribution of printed information;
  • Exhibition of products and services at a fair to be held during the congress.


Sponsorship Opportunities


A stand 9 m2 in area will be made available. This stand will have a head band for the logo of the exhibitor, a table, three chairs and a desk for promotional material. The stand will be located in a busy area and remain open during the poster sessions as well as the coffee breaks.

Technical and Commercial Presentation

During the event, technical and commercial presentations of 30 minutes can be scheduled to enable release of new products or new technologies.

Insertion of company logo in the conference website, newsletters, bulletins and advertisements.

If you need further details, please contact Metallum

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