Best Technical/scientific paper contest | Ceramographic competition Award


Best Technical/scientific paper contest

To compete for the awards, the authors should meet the following requirements:

1) Applicants must submit the full paper in English for publication in the Proceedings (60% of the marks awarded will be for content: literature review, problem statement, methodology, discussion, originality and complexity);
2) Oral or Poster Presentation (40% of the marks awarded will be for explanation, discussion and answering questions);
3) 50% of the authors of the paper must be members of ABC and be up to date with their annuities;
4) Pre-registration by May 16, 2014 is mandatory.


A) Awards for the 3 best papers presented at 58° BCC (1st, 2nd and 3rd place are R$ 700.00, R$ 550.00 and R$ 400.00 respectively);
B) Student Poster Award. The paper in the form of a poster must be presented by a student ("Postdoc" is not considered a student);
B1) Best Undergraduate student / Technician poster paper (R$ 400.00)
B2) Best Graduate student poster paper (R$ 400.00)

In the Presenter’s Panel, answer the following question:

Do you wish to submit this paper in the contest for an award?

( ) YES Award  A Award  B1 Award  B2

( ) NO

Note: The paper will compete for the award only after meeting the pre-requisites and confirmation will be given on the conference website in the Presenter’s Panel.

Ceramographic competition Award 

To compete for this award the authors must meet the following requirements:

1) Present Ceramographic exhibit as per rules (see below);
2) 50% of the authors of the ceramographic exhibit must be members of ABC and be up to date with their annuities;
3) Pre-registration by May 16, 2012 is mandatory.

Ceramographic Award – R$ 400,00

In the Presenter’s Panel, answer the following question:

Do you wish to submit this paper in the contest for the Ceramographic Award?


Note: Entries for the Ceramographic Award will be accepted only after meeting pre-requisites and confirmation regarding this will be sent to the Presenter’s Panel on the conference website.

The aim of the Ceramographic contest is to promote the use of micrographs for scientific research on ceramic materials and products. The authors of the winning ceramographic exhibit will receive a cash prize of R$400.00, and a micrograph from the exhibit or the whole exhibit will be published on the cover of an issue of Cerâmica Journal. Entries will be accepted in the following categories:
1. Optical microscopy (transmission and reflection);
2. Scanning electron
3. Transmission electron microscopy;
4. Scanning probe microscopy (SPM);
5. Combined techniques.

The ceramographic exhibit will be judged based on the following criteria:
• Technique:  must demonstrate originality in problem solving, present a scientific principle or process, or use of a new technique;
• Quality of presentation: the extent to which useful information is easily and quickly conveyed to the observer;
• Sample preparation and high quality recording technique;
• Aesthetic aspect: including quality of photo composition, letters and magnification. (Transparencies, ceramic pieces, assembled photographs or prints from scanned photos will not be accepted.)

Rules for submission:
1. The ceramographic exhibit must be in the form of a 40 cm x 60 cm poster. The micrographs should not be less than 12 x 18 cm
2. The ceramographic exhibit must have clear captions with the following information: category, concise title, magnification bars and other relevant information, a description with 25 to 75 words of the technical significance, names of authors and their affiliations.
4. The ceramographic exhibit will be judged during the Congress by a Commission designated by the ABC Board. The winners will be announced during the Closing Session of the Congress. 

Rules to apply:
1. Each applicant can submit two exhibits.
2. 50% of the authors of an exhibit must be members of ABC.

poster ceramografia

Exemplo de participação no Congresso da Am.Ceram.Soc. com concurso prêmio ao do CBC


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