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The visit of Madame Curie, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry

Madame Curie came to Brazil in 1928 and visited ‘Thermas de Lindóia’. Radioactivity was the topic of conversation, because years later it was discovered that the mineral water of Águas de Lindóia reached 3,179 maches on the radioactive scale, compared to 185 maches of the famous Jachimou thermal springs in Tchecoslováquia and 155 maches of the Bad Gastein spas in Áustria.
The natural radioactivity of water is extremely beneficial to the body, and Águas de Lindóia has mineral water with the highest proven radioactivity on earth.

Águas de Lindóia and the Apolo Mission 11

The Municipal Bathhouse displays a very interesting bill of sale (NF no 20.218) issued on 02 April 1969, three and a half months prior to the arrival of man on the moon for the first time aboard Apolo 11. According to this bill of sale, at the request of NASA, 100 dozen bottles, each with 500 ml of mineral water from Águas de Lindóia was shipped to Cape Kennedy. Some people who worked in the bottling company at that time confirmed the story and added that the water was taken from the source Santa Filomena, which continues to gush to this day.

The NASA website confirms that the capsule Eagle, in which the astronauts Neil A. Amstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins travelled to the moon had two water tanks, but does not specify the source of the water in the tanks. The reasons that lead NASA to choose mineral water from Águas de Lindóia are its low acidity and rapid absorption by the body.

Source: Portal de Água de Lindóia

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