Contest for Best Technical-Scientific papers

The awards offered by the Brazilian Ceramic Association are intended to encourage and give prestige to the best technical contributions presented at its Congresses.

The Board of Directors of BCA can create and welcome new awards, in money or in other forms, sponsored by individuals or legal entities, proposed by BCA members, if it meets the interests of the Association and is in accord with its aims.

Individuals who have their full papers accepted by the Judging Committee and conform to the pre-established norms can contest the awards, provided 50% of the authors of the paper are members of BCA.

Only papers presented at the Congress can contest the awards.

Prior to the Congress, the Board of Directors of BCA appoints annually, a Judging Committee consisting of at least three members to evaluate the papers.

Awards – The papers contesting the awards will receive marks from zero to ten in two categories, the first for technical-scientific content, which has 60% weightage towards the final score and the second for presentation of the paper (oral or poster) at the Congress and with weightage of 40%.

Specific awards – Specific awards could be given for the best papers presented at the Congress. These specific awards could be with reference to, for example, the ceramography session, the refractory session, among others.

For these awards, the rules described in articles prior to the present regulation continue to be valid.

The judging committee may not recommend the awards if they deem that the papers are undeserving.

The judging committee will be sovereign in its decisions. The decisions cannot be protested.

The awards for the papers will be in the form of money and the amounts will be decided and disclosed 120 days prior to the Congress by the Board of Directors.

A special certificate will be also given to the winners of the awards.

Announcement and presentation of the awards will be done during the Solemn Closing Session of the Congress.

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