Instructions for submission of papers to Materials Science Forum

The paper to be submitted to Materials Science Forum should be in English and not exceed 6 pages. (Link for instructions of the journal  GUIDELINE FOR MANUSCRIPTS  and the paper should be reviewed by a competent translator.
We request you to carefully read the following instructions. If any information is sent that is different from what has been requested, it could result in the paper not being received.
Important: Before you send the complete manuscript, bear in mind the following before saving the file:

  • Maximum file size: 4MB
  • Save in DOC format (use WORD 2003 version or save as DOC), and NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED
  • Name your file exactly as it is in the reference number plus the letters MSF at the end, that is, three digits before the hyphen and six after. EX.: 101-001MSF (remember to include the hyphen)
  • The saved paper should be deposited in the Restricted area of presenting authoras per instructions.
  • The paper will be peer-reviewed and it may not be accepted for publication.

Deadline for submitting the paper: 17/06/2016
Amount: R$ 500.00 (per paper)
After submitting the paper, follow the steps given below to make your payment:

  • Print the confirmation received by you in your e-mail.
  • Deposit the amount of R$ 250.00 (for receiving, verifying formatting of the paper, forwarding to reviewers, etc.) in the name of Metallum Congressos EIRELI-ME, Banco do Brasil - Agência: 4722-8, C/C:7366-0 e CNPJ: 17.220.897/0001-61.
  • Paste the deposit receipt in the specified space of the printed confirmation e-letter received by you and send it to Metallum by fax (11) 3735-3772 or by e-mail:
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