Abstract / Full paper submission

Useful information
Abstracts in the areas described below may be submitted by researchers, technicians and students of universities, research institutes and technical schools, and professionals from industries. All submissions will be analyzed for approval of the Organizing Committee.

1. Raw materials
2. Powder synthesis
3. Red ceramics
4. Whiteware
5. Ceramic Tiles
6. Plaster and cement
7. Refractories / thermal insulators
8. Glass and glass-ceramics
9. Thermo-mechanical ceramics
10. Electric and Magnetic Ceramics
11. Composites
12. Bioceramics
13. Recycling and Environment
14. Art and design
15. Enamels, frits and dyes
16. Ceramography
17. Processing
18. Nanotechnology
19. Education in ceramic materials
20. Other
Each author is entitled to submit and present up to 2 communications; the abstracts should contain te main elements of the whole work: nominate the problem to be solved, the way to overcome (methodology), the main results and conclusions, up to 5000 characters including spaces;
The Organizing Committee will decide on:
- accept or not the submission
- classify the accepted ones according to the areas
- define the presentation form - oral or poster
The decision will be based on
- clear title and content
- contribution to the knowledge of the ceramic science and technology
Submission of full paper is not a necessary condition for presentation
Full paper will be published in the Congress Proceedings
Submission of full papers is a condition for competing to awards
Full papers may be considered for publication in Material Science Forum

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