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IPMM 2012
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IPMM 2012
7th International Conference on Intelligent Processing and
Manufacturing of Materials
September, 02-03,  2012, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Overview and History of IPMM Conferences

The International Conference on Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials (IPMM) was initially held in 1997 in Gold Coast, Australia.

Other previous events have taken place in Honolulu, Hawaii (1999), Vancouver, Canada (2001), Sendai, Japan (2003), Monterey, California (2005), and Salerno, Italy (2007).

IPMM conferences are an occasion for researchers, scientists, engineers, and technologists from a wide variety of fields to come together to share in their business intelligence experience. Presentation topics originally focus on software applications in areas of Artificial Intelligence (fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and Agent-based architectures) to improve industrial processes. We also encourage hardware applications in robotics, process control, manufacturing systems, and other related “intelligent" methodologies.

The conference theme for 2012, Sustainable Intelligent Approaches to Mining, Materials and Energy Resources, has been chosen to avail the contributions of several different areas of knowledge, in order to build a multi-disciplinary perspective on such fundamental themes in today´s world as the sustainable use of Energy Resources, Land Reclamation, Cleaner Production and Sustainable Livelihood in Developing Countries. The aim of the 2012 IPMM Conference is to develop a culture of Sustainability through Intelligence in the “mine-to-product” value chain of materials and energy resources.

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