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IPMM 2012
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IPMM 2012
7th International Conference on Intelligent Processing and
Manufacturing of Materials
September, 02-03,  2012, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Call For Abstracts

The IPMM Conference Committee invites abstract submissions for the 2012 Conference at Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil.

To be considered for presentation at IPMM 2012, abstracts of papers must be submitted online for review by April 30th, 2012.

This year’s Call for Papers is organized around six key-topics:

  • Sustainable approaches to mining activities
  • Intelligence and Robotics in the modern mining industry
  • From Mine to Product: business intelligence for a sustainable materials’ value chain
  • Intelligence in Processing and Manufacturing of Materials
  • Sustainable Use of Renewable Energy Resources
  • Role of Intelligent Processing in the sustainability of Emerging Countries


Topics suitable for presentation at IPMM 2012 are any of the following list that fall into one of the above-mentioned topics:

  • Mining
  • Mineral Processing
  • Materials Science
  • Recycling
  • Manufacturing and Processing of Materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Artificial Intelligence (fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and Agent-based architectures)
  • Robotics
  • Process control
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Climate Change Science
  • Clean Production Science
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation
  • Production Science
  • Business Intelligence and Control

The official language of IPMM 2012 is English. Abstracts must be written in English using the online submission form on the website.

Submission of Abstracts
Abstracts must be submitted electronically online through the IPMM website.

In case of problems with the online submission, abstracts can be sent via email to the Executive Coordinator:

Jacopo Seccatore,

Abstracts by email must be sent as an attachment in .doc or .docx format, including in the body of the email the name, affiliation and contacts of the corresponding author

Presenting Author

The presenting author is the one who will personally present the paper at the conference, and must be the corresponding author as well.
The presenting author's contact details (name, affiliation, email and telephone contacts) must be filled when submitting the abstract on-line and included at the head of the abstract.

The presenting author is invited to have frequent email access during the deadline periods indicated by the dates below. The secretariat office will communicate with the presenting author through the e-mail address indicated in the abstract.

The publication of a paper in the Conference Proceedings depends definitely on the presenting author´s registration to the Conference. No papers will be published without the Presenting Author registered to the conference.

Number of Papers per author

Any author is very welcome to submit as many papers as he or she wishes. Any author can appear in the authorial group of as many papers as it happens.
It is requested anyhow to any presenting author not to present orally more than two papers at the IPMM 2012.
Any author submitting more than two papers is asked to choose the two he or she would like to present, and invite an authorial colleague to register to the conference and present the others.

Format of Abstract

A template for the redaction of the abstract can be found at the following link:

***insert link to ABSTRACT TEMPLATE example ***

The submission process for IPMM 2012 is scheduled by the following timeline:




Deadline for discount registration to IPMM 2012




Final Deadline for Cd-rom Manuscripts




Final Deadline for registration to IPMM 2012




Deadline for full papers submission ( MSF Journal)




Communication of necessary revisions (MSF Journal)

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