18th. International Conference on Internal Friction
and Mechanical Spectroscopy (ICIFMS-18)
September 12-15, 2017 - Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil


1. Development of fundamental internal friction theory and mechanism;
2. Atom dynamics, diffusion and phase transformation;
3. Surfaces, interfaces, thin films and nanostructured materials;
4. Anelasticity characterization of functional and structural materials
  • Composites;
  • Ferroelectric and magnetic materials;
  • Granular materials;
  • Metals, alloys and intermetallic compounds;
  • Quasicrystals, amorphous materials and liquids;
  • Polymers and soft materials;
  • Biomaterials;
5. Dynamical mechanical analysis;
6. High damping materials and applications;
7. Development, design and potential applications of novel internal friction techniques.




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