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The fabrication of advanced patient specific auricular prostheses with enhanced biocompatibility for treatment microtia using hydrid 3D printing and electrospinning technology

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Rodrigo Alvarenga Rezende Rodrigo Alvarenga Rezende(1); Janaina Andrea Dernowsek(2); Verónica Egidia Passamai Passamai(3); Frederico David Alencar de Sena Pereira(4); Marco Antonio Sabino(5); Vladimir A Kasyanov(6); Igor Agapov(7); Anton Efimov(8); Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva(9); Vladimir Mironov(10); Renato Archer Center for Information Technology(1); Renato Archer Center for Information Technology(2); Renato Archer Center for Information Technology(3); Renato Archer Center for Informaion Technology(4); Simón Bolívar University (USB)(5); Riga Stradins University(6); Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs(7); Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs(8); Renato Archer Center for Information Technology(9); Renato Archer Center for Information Technology(10); Microtia is a congenital disease manifested by malformation of external ear. We previously demonstrated that fused deposition modeling (FDM) with using polyurethane allows fabricating customized auricular prostheses with material properties comparable with natural human auricular cartilage. However, biocompatibility of such auricular prostheses is still not optimal. We hypothesize that the development of hybrid technology by combination of FDV with electrospinning will dramatically improve auricular prostheses biocompatibility and will provide better clinical outcome. In order to test tissue biocompatibility we have developed in vitro test with using tissue spheroid fabricated from human skin fibroblasts. Tissue spheroids have been biofabricated from human fibroblasts using micromolds from non-adhesive hydrogel (Microtissue Inc, USA). Biocompatibility have been estimated by analysis of tissue spheroids attachment and spreading kinetics on electrospun polyurethane matrices fabricated by custom made electrospinning device. Additionally the cell-nanofiber interactions have been visualized using scanning probe nanotomography.The advanced auricular prostheses have been fabricated by FDM 3D printer Fab@CTI from polyuretane polymer according to computer-aided design (CAD) developed with using laser scannner and originally developed CAD software InVesalius with sequential coating using electrospinning of polyurethane polymers. The enhancement of in vitro biocompatibiliy of hybrid auricular prostheses fabricated by hybrid technology have been demonstrated.
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