14° Congresso da Sociedade Latino Americana de Biomateriais, Orgãos Artificiais e Engenharia de Tecidos – SLABO
(5ª Edição do Workshop de Biomateriais, Engenharia de Tecidos e Orgãos Artificiais – OBI)
20 a 24 de Agosto de 2017 - Maresias - SP - Brasil

Rosa Maria, obtained his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from Hacettepe University, Ankara,Turkey in 1977. He became Associate Professor in 1981 and then Professor in 1988. For more than 40 years he and his group have been involved in R & D works on radiation chemistry and processing of polymers. He is the author and co-author of more than 340 scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals, holding 2 international patents and author and editor of 3 books published abroad, supervised more than 70 graduate theses. Currently his h-index is 40. He has been a lecturer in the graduate schools of Pavia University (Italy), Kazak National University (Kazakhstan), Kasertsat University (Thailand) and in the ERASMUS program of EU. He worked as the technical officer in charge of radiation technology programs in the International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN organization in Vienna, Austria from 1996 to 2003. He also serves as Associate Editor in Rad. Phys.Chem. (Elsevier). In 2011 his worldwide contribution to the promotion of radiation technology was appreciated by giving him IMRP Laureate Award.


Clinical Application and Studies on Hydrogel in the Plastic Surgery and Burnt Center HPD Juan M Marquez, Havana, Cuba

Rosa Maria

Several injury causes are treated in our Plastic Surgery and Burnt Services. A wound results when the Tissue is destroyed or severed. Wounds are most frequently produced mechanically by knock or blow (e.g. Laceration or tear wounds due to injuries). A cut, open the surgical wounds or by punctures, shots, or bites. The thermal effect of heat and cold produce respectively, scalds or burns and frostbites. The chemical; effect of Acids or Caustic Solutions cause chemical burns. High Energy radiation may actinic necrosis, infections may also produce extensive tissue necrosis. The vasculities for inmunocomplex and others cronics illness produce tissue necrosis too. In surgical practice a distinction is made between wound healing by first and by the second intention. The main objective is reduce the healing time of partial lesion in the skin or obtain a satisfactory granulation tissue for the skin Graff in 3rd degree lesions. For that reasons we use hydrogel dressing and we evaluate results. The hydrogel membrane is obtained by procedures normalized by Applications Studies Nuclear Development Center (CEADEN). Its synthesis is made of polimeration and reticulation at the same time in a source made of Co-60 with polivinilpirrolidona, polietilenglicol, agar and water as the major component. The hydrogel is a transparent membrane of 3-4 mm of wide. The application of hydrogel is recognized and commercialized around the world for instances in United States, Kingdom, Germany, China, Brazil and others. This clinic trial was evaluated by Centro Nacional Coordinador de Ensayos Clínicos (CENCEC), Data Recopilation Book, Centro de Control Estatal de Equipos Médicos (CCEEM) and Ministery of Science, Technology and Enviroment (CITMA), the History Clinic Patient and Inform Consent.

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