14° Congresso da Sociedade Latino Americana de Biomateriais, Orgãos Artificiais e Engenharia de Tecidos – SLABO
(5ª Edição do Workshop de Biomateriais, Engenharia de Tecidos e Orgãos Artificiais – OBI)
20 a 24 de Agosto de 2017 - Maresias - SP - Brasil

Elizabeth Ferreira Martinez, graduated in Dentistry from University of São Paulo Dental School (1999), Master in Oral Pathology (2002) from University of São Paulo Dental School and Doctor in Cell and Tissue Biology from University of São Paulo (2008). Post-Doctoral trainee in sciences from São Leopoldo Mandic Institute and Research Center (2011). Currently, she is lecturer and researcher at São Leopoldo Mandic Institute and Research Center (Campinas, Brazil), at undergraduate and post-graduate courses (Dentistry and Medicine). She has experience in oral biology with emphasis on cellular and molecular processes, associated to in vitro study of biomaterials, especially applied to implantology and bone biology.


Biomaterials and biological studies

Elizabeth Ferreira Martinez


In the context of macro and microstructural modifications to the design of dental implants, surface topography changes with different treatments have been indicated with the purpose of accelerating bone formation, as well as, reducing superficial bacterial colonization. Thus, the physical-chemical characteristics of the material surfaces significantly influence the process of bone repair and bacterial adherence. This presentation aim to discuss some different implant surface modifications related to the early osseointegration events and its influence on bacterial adhesion and viability.

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