30/10/2019 - Room 1

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Detalhes 11:00:00
06-035 - Patrícia Lima Falcão
Cytotoxicity study in PBMC cultures due to exposition of a possible radioactive-bone cement based in PMMA-HAp. SIM
Detalhes 11:15:00
06-027 - Felipe Nogueira Ambrosio
Antimicrobial and cytotoxic potential of different extracts from Brazilian plant Hyptis lacustris SIM
Detalhes 11:30:00
06-040 - Laura Elena Sperling
In situ implantation of microparticles of PLGA with Galantamine reduces lesion size and improves motor recovery after spinal cord injury SIM
Detalhes 11:45:00
06-010 - Amanda Leitolis
Characterization of porcine heart valve grafts obtained by two different processes of decellularization and in vitro biocompatibility testing with human cells. SIM
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